kashmala Tariq sex scandal Video clips

Pakistani sexy woman politician kashmala tariq accused by fellow minster dr firdus ashiq awan of entering the politics through bed room and prostitute of heera mandi ,a reference to the red light area brothels of lahore city.the video shows the spicy pakistani political girlz scandals clips and exposers in public.Kashmala tariq sex scandel dirty allegation video clips kishmala scandle interview dirty talk


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25 Responses to “kashmala Tariq sex scandal Video clips”

  1. MrHamza1906 Says:

    hell polictics

  2. anitabajwa Says:

    u right

  3. omerip123 Says:

    They represent us , how shameful.

  4. anitabajwa Says:

    south asia is same

  5. ishqtube Says:

    she shud be sacked from the parliment for such language.WE all know the profile of all the politions from zardari to nawaz sharif and from shahbaz sahrif to Iltaf husain they all created so much mess in Pakistan where ever they found oppertunity. loot blunder corruption faviouism black markeeting these our culture.Thats what jinah was feared of in his first speech to assembly.We did progressed a bit but cud not root out these problums.
    To be continiued

  6. anitabajwa Says:

    you right

  7. womanofsubstance8512 Says:

    OMG….mam ,plz dont wash dirty linen in public!!!!

  8. anitabajwa Says:

    they wont stop fighting ….lol

  9. tuncayarslan87 Says:

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  10. solidsnake2121 Says:

    lolz..what bulshit rofl!…when will they stop fighting’?

  11. anitabajwa Says:

    u right

  12. akia4u Says:

    yeh hamare badqismati hay kesay kesay log hamaray hukamran hain

  13. anitabajwa Says:


  14. pathanpaki22 Says:

    kashmala she is hot

  15. anitabajwa Says:


  16. Kash9082 Says:

    firdos ashiq awan is mujj

  17. atee0011 Says:

    ufff yar this is not the way to talk esp infront of media, icant imagine that pakistani brains elected mnas like madam firdaus awan, if that has happened then it is such a pity for a country that came into being on the name of islam

  18. mardan1983 Says:

    kashamala koi fareshta nahi hai lekan
    ferdos ashiq awan kashmala say bari kanjri hain..sub ko pata hain. kon parti badalti hai

  19. khur4m123 Says:

    each and every persons are curpt in this democracy
    muslim need khilafah

  20. MrSumiya Says:

    awam ne to tumhay b vote day ker bohat beri ghalti ki ferdos ashiq tum logoon ne jo country ka hal kiya ha pehlay kabi na tha

  21. MrSumiya Says:

    firdos ashiq ne b mar khai ha magar kisi arabic ki dubai se tabi is ka moo khula ha

  22. MrSumiya Says:

    yea tv channels walay b in batoon ko cencer nahi kertay year firdos ashiq jasi auratain minister bunnay kay kabil hi nahi

  23. lovepunjab100 Says:

    Firdus awan is a very big liar

  24. patrick55ish Says:

    I just saw the full version of this over at str8xxxvids(.com), it’s much better with nothing missing. It makes you sign up, but its worth it.

  25. anitabajwa Says:

    similar may be

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